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People Are The Heart Of Your Organization


Do you let your people express their thoughts about the roles and responsibilities they have in your organisation? Don't just take it for granted that everything's fine because no one complains.

Organisations often spend a fortune on purchasing office furniture/computer software/filing systems etc. only to find out they are unsuitable because the people who use them were never consulted about what their needs were.

One of my clients moved into new premises some time ago and kept the old office furniture. It didn't suit the image of the new premises and caused real health problems with my client's team. One of the staff had a constant sore back and eyestrain - all related to her desk and chair; the other staff member suffered from sore wrists when working on the computer. Neither of them had mentioned anything to their boss.

With all the rapid changes happening in an organisation, many bosses forget that it is their people who make their organisation tick. So talk to your team - find out their challenges and work out the solutions. If you ask questions and listen to your staff, you might just learn how to save yourself thousands of dollars!

In my experience, if there is a major problem occurring in an organisation whether it is big or small, that problem is generally caused through poor communication. Having regular meetings with your team is crucial for a happy and productive workplace. Working with people is not like a production line. We are all different, with very different needs - "one size definitely does not fit all".

Start today in your organisation - take action and get those lines of communication happening!

Lorraine Pirihi is Australia's Personal Productivity Specialist and Leading Life Coach. Her business The Office Organiser specialises in showing small business owners and managers, how to get organised at work so they can have a life! Lorraine is also a dynamic speaker and has produced many products including "How to Survive and Thrive at Work!"

To subscribe to her free ezine visit www.office-organiser.com.au

This article may be reproduced providing it is published in it's entirety, including the author's bio and all links. For further information please contact Lorraine Pirihi.



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