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Use Product Research to Position Yourself as the Expert
You have an idea for a new product or service, want to get feedback from prospects and position your firm as the experts. How do you do this when you havenít ever provided the particular service or sold the product? Letís say you are in...
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Advertising - What is the Best Bang For Your Buck?

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Marketing something? The answer is in the advertising;
the collective word given to attract public attention to
a product, item or service for sale. Advertising can be
done via many different medians. You can advertise
on radio, in magazines and on television. You can even
advertise on the World Wide Web. There is no limit
with advertising!

Advertising can be viewed on everything from telephone
poles to billboards to buses. With so many advertising
opportunities out there, it pays to investigate the
appropriate type of advertising needed before you
start spending money for your item, product or service
especially if you are wanting sales.

Advertising can be walking and talking. How many times
have you seen products just walk out the door from
word of mouth advertising? Advertising does not need
to be expensive, however it needs to fit the purpose
and audience for which it is intended. For example,
if you are selling a piece of used furniture, your most
obvious choices would be to seek advertising in the
newspaper classifieds or on the community notice board
to gain the attention of the general public. Should
you want to sell some high value new products, an
advertising campaign would need to be devised in order
to target the appropriate audience.

How about advertising over the internet? Performing a
search via a search engine will produce various listings
of free online classified sites. While some sites may
promote free advertising, it still pays to look around
the web for the most profitable means of advertising.

Instead you might like to consider online auction sites
where you pay a small fee for the advertising of a
product and people from anywhere in the world can bid on an
item. When you choose an online auction site for advertising
the opportunities are infinite!

Remember that it does not just end at advertising. A
successful advertising campaign is only one step in the
sale of your item. Having a good item, product or service
available is the main key to success with advertising there
to spark the initial curiousity. You want to make sure you
can also back your item, product or service with some
exceptional service. Happy sales!

Monica Woolrich is the webmaster of For Advertising committed to providing ideas for marketing and advertising for businesses


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