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How to Sell Your Products Without Competition
Selling your products at shows can be difficult when you have a lot of competition. Although some show organizers are careful to have a good mix of vendors, it's not uncommon for other shows to have 20% or more of the booths filled with vendors in...
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Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Ezine?

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There are two reasons to publish an ezine.

1.) Give people information about your site, your product, or your industry.

2.) Keep your website information in front of people for as long as you can without having to spend more money to do it.

Really, when you sit right down to think about it... that's why we do it.

But, are you getting the most out of your ezine? Is your ezine living up to it's full potential?

Before Anything Else Your Ezine IS Your Business.

When someone comes to me to for an advertising plan for their online marketing campaign, one of the first questions I will ask them is, "Do you have an ezine?"

It's imperative that any online business, no matter what it is, has a tool, or avenue, to keep your website, and your knowledge of the topic of your site, in front of your visitors for as long as you can. Here's why.

Each and every time you can send a visitor, or even a previous customer, something that they actually want to see, you are minimizing your advertising budget while maximizing return visits, repeat sales, and profits.

Ezines are essential to a prosperous, healthy, stable, strong, vibrant, and growing business.

Squeezing The Full Potential (or profits) Out Of Your Ezine With Every Issue.

That's your goal for each and every issue of your ezine that you send to your subscribers. And why not? Subscribers want the best or they will go somewhere else, and spend their money there.

With that in mind, here are three powerful ways you can get the most out of your ezine with every issue.

# Give The Subscriber What He/She Wants

The backbone of your ezine is information. That's the whole premise behind actually publishing something. To give people information they can use.

When someone signs up for your ezine it's not because they want to be hit with an endless assault of ads. They want to learn. They want to find out ways of doing things that will help them. Articles are the best way to get your subscribers to stick around long enough for the next thing you should do.

# Use Just One Great Offer!

Follow me with this one. While you're giving the subscriber what they want, you're also in the business of getting what you want. But, you can't do that by shoving offer after offer after offer at them in each issue.

You need a plan. Sit down and think of products you can offer, specials you can offer, or one time deals. The thing you want to do is make sure it's timely, original, and something that people can actually use.

One offer, combined with great information, can create a powerful emotional feeling in the reader that will always be converted to action... clicking on the link to visit your site.

Offering an ebook that the entire Internet already has isn't going to make you any money.

Make it a great offer.

# Keep Things Original

In order to give the subscriber what they want, and make available great offers, it all comes down to planning ahead of time. A responsive, and profitable, ezine is not created the same day it is sent to the mailing list.

Planning what you want your ezine to accomplish, what type of information you're going to be publishing each week, the products you're going to offer, and what you're going to do to keep your subscribers coming back.

The major problem the majority of ezines today is that they have nothing to keep subscribers wanting to keep receiving them. There is no outlook. No vision.

A great copywriter told me to always be thinking ahead in writing copy. To keep the reader wanting to read further down the sales letter. The same thing goes with ezine publishing. Create original content, developing 8 to 10 part series is a method you can use, to give the reader a reason to want to read your ezine.

Putting It Into Action

Here's your chance to transform your ezine. Follow these simple steps and you're assured of a tremendous boost in profits and squeezing out every last drop of potential from your ezine with each issue.

Go ahead and sit down and begin planning out each issue. A good way to do this is with a calendar, or planner, dedicated to your ezine. Plan the coming week's and month's contents. What article series can you do? Who can you get to write guest articles? What special offers can you put together?

Transformation can sometimes be a life changing experience. Transforming your ezine can be a very profitable experience. Tim Bossie is the owner and creative brain behind www.guaranteed-ads.com. He specializes in writing incredibly focused and targeted advertising camapaigns that target your specific market. Plus if you're in a hurry for an ad he can write two powerful, sales generating ads in just 4 hours!


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