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Use Product Research to Position Yourself as the Expert
You have an idea for a new product or service, want to get feedback from prospects and position your firm as the experts. How do you do this when you havenít ever provided the particular service or sold the product? Letís say you are in...
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Cultivating new customers for your online business

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I will discuss how to think out of the WebÖout of the World Wide Web, in the never- ending quest
for new customers.

Text links, banners and search engines are all ways to attract clients and build a customer base. Itís our buyers thatís weíre really talking about here. But the Web isnít the only place to look for customers even for Web-based businesses.

Some of the old traditional methods like word-of-mouth referrals still work just as well, and still bring me a fair bit of cash each month.

Here are some tips to help you grab as many customers as you can while youíre setting up your business and getting your online marketing
programs in place.

1. Know Your Market

Whatever your line of business, youíve got to know your market. You have to know who your clients are, what they want and what makes them buy. Do the market research, check
out your competitors, create a formal marketing planóbut take the effort to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers.

Otherwise you wonít get any!

2. Bring Out Your Benefits

You might think you know what your productís sales points areóyou might even be dead proud of themóbut the fact is, your buyers donít give a toss about all the wonderful gizmos youíve packed into your product.

They just want you to answer one question: whatís it going to do for me?

Thatís what all your marketing has to be about: explaining to your buyers how youíre going to improve their life.

3. Make Your Site Sing

It can take a fair bit of effort and not a small amount of time to create a website that works. But you canít stop there. Youíre going to have to keep updating it, checking it and making sure all the links and addresses work. Itís the first place to look when you notice your sales starting to
drop, and itís crucial to keep them coming in.

4. be Alert for New Marketing Opportunities

You must always be alert for opportunities to make new business contacts and not allow yourself to be caught off guard when opportunities arise. It doesnít matter if youíre
out shopping or at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, make sure that you have professional business cards, brochures, etc. on handóand donít be afraid to use them.

5. Donít Keep Your Business a Secret

Tell everyone about your business and your product. You might even consider sending out a mass mailing to everyone you know, telling them what youíre doing. Chances are, someone knows someone who wants what youíve got, and
friendly referrals usually bring the best business!

6. Find Repeat Customers

When it comes to building customers, there are clients who buy onceóand clients who buy lots of times. Itís the latter that you want to pack into your customer list; theyíre worth their weight in gold.

Big companies are good places to prospect for repeat business (they have big demands and
budgets) but always treat your repeat customers well. That might mean the odd discount or the occasional freebie, but the extra business should make up for it.

To wrap it up, customers are customers no matter where you find them. Customers found on the Web respond to many of the same things that make them customers in the real world. The sooner you think in those terms and apply that knowledge to your site, the better your site will perform.

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