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Using A Simple Idea to Target Your Audience
A wonderfully easy and free concept that many people seem to overlook during their online marketing career is the survey. If you are looking for programs to promote or ideas for articles, you really need not look much further than your own opt...
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Website Promotion - Pay Me Now...Or Pay Me Later

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In the past couple of years, it has become apparent that the
methods of website promotion are growing, and the
competition on the internet is heating up! Tons of people
are focusing the majority of their time to promoting their
website. There is a lot of time and money spent analyzing
how websites need to be optimized for the search engines in
order for the promotion of websites to be effective.

You could have the best product in the world, and if no one
knows about it, the consumer misses out on a great product
or service, and you, miss out on the opportunity to make
money. Everywhere on the internet, you are bombarded with
terms like page rank, SEO, search engines, traffic,
PPC, keywords, meta tags, javascript. What does all this
mean to the person who is trying to get a foothold on the

What it means is that in order to run with the pack, you
need to keep up with the latest things happening on the
internet. Keeping up means continuous learning. And
marketing yourself on the internet is not a subject that we
learn in school, nor is it a part of any college course I've
ever seen.

So where do we learn how to promote ourselves in the most
effective way? It's been my experience that you can "pay"
for your education with money, or with time. There are two
ways of looking at it. And it starts with this question. How
fast do I want to make money? If you want to learn quickly,
you will want to do some research on the internet, search
for membership sites or forums that are doing the types of
things you are interested in.

In other words find a mentor, or expert who is willing to
train and coach you, and hire them to show you how to
properly promote yourself and your product. Or if money is
an issue, you can take time to "self- teach" yourself. It
can be slower, and yet many people who are experts today,
started out that way.

In my opinion, the internet will make more people wealthy,
than any other vehicle we have ever seen since the
industrial age. If you want to be part of these exciting
times, determine what you want to do, find someone to teach
you how to do it, or take the time to teach yourself. And as
the Nike ads say "Just Do It" and start investing in
yourself and your future! There's no better investment than

Joan Roberts-Patterson is the webmaster of Fox Promotion - Promotion Today , a great resource.


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